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6 Reasons to Jade Roll

6 Reasons to Jade Roll

I have been slowly but surely whispering into my friends ears about jade rolling. We are reaching an age where all of our days of smiling and nights of laughing are starting to show up on our faces...a little bit. So, me being me, I took to the internet to see what sort of things are out there for someone who is not quite ready for botox.

Jade rolling was one of the first things to intrigue me for a couple of reasons. The first being it's actually kinda affordable. The second reason....because Mulan's grandmother distinctly says "beads of jade for beauty"...so obviously it must be true! haha ok but seriously, upon further research, here is what I've found out!

jade roller and serums.jpeg

6 reasons to Jade Roll!

1. Get rid of lymphatic drainage - As hard as we try not to, everyone wakes up a little puffy eyed in the morning. When the toxins settle underneath your eyes during the night, you want to use the small end of your jade roller to massage them out from under your eyes to decrease the size of those pesky under eye bags. The massage motion will promote cell renewal and help you look for awake and ready for the day!

2. Dark circles - The jade crystal is generally quite cool to the touch. This cooling sensation makes the blood vessels underneath your eyes shrink and cause the dark circles to fade along with them. If the crystal itself is not cool enough for you, you always have the option to keep your jade roller in a cold environment...aka your refrigerator. Or you can be lazy like me and think that a walk all the way downstairs and into the kitchen everyday is entirely too much commitment to your skincare routine.

3. Skincare absorption - If you are spending a pretty penny on high end serums and moisturizers, you want to be making sure you are getting your money's worth! By rubbing it in with your hands, a lot of the product immediately gets absorbed into your palms. This is especially true if you are mixing multiple serums/oils/moisturizers on the back of your hand before you put it on your face. By using the jade roller to massage it into your skin, you are increasing the speed and effectiveness of those products. It's also a great way to really get the left overs from your sheet mask absorbed into your skin!

4. Face massage - This has always been helpful for fine lines and tension being held in the face. People spend hundreds of dollars on facials and massages where as this allows you to do the most basic of basic massages at home. If you are like me and have a job that requires you to smile at people for extensive amounts of time, you know what it is like to have your jaw cramp up and feel your mouth hurt. By rolling across those pressure points and spots of discomfort, you are able to relieve tension and loosen up those muscles in your face.

5. Increase circulation - This goes hand in hand with facial massage. When you are massaging, you are increasing circulation in your face which helps with anti-aging and stress relieving. By bringing oxygen to the skin, you are helping soothe any blemishes and uneven/textured skin.

6. Chinese medicine - Remember what I said? Grandmother Fa knows best! Ok but really though. Jade rolling has been a part of ancient Chinese medicine for thousands of years. They believe that jade crystals can balance your chi, promote good energy, and contain calming properties. 

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So how do you take care of it? Easy enough really. Just wipe it clean with a dry cloth after you are done using it and keep it in a dry place. If you feel like it needs to be washed, you can take a damp warm cloth to wipe it down. If you are using it for the crystal properties, you will want to take the time to recharge and cleanse your crystal.   

I have been jade rolling 3-4 times a week for about 3 months now. Do I think I look amazingly younger? No. Does my face feel less tense and do I find the overall practice of doing it relaxing? Definitely. For me, I think it is worth the $10 or something like that that you would spend on Amazon to buy one of these. If you are really wanting to use it for the crystal properties, then you want to take time to research where you purchase yours from because you want to make sure you are getting pure jade. If not, go for it! Get yourself a cheap one. Keep an extra in your work bag or your gym bag! It is relaxing and a great way to step up your skincare routine :)

Let me know if you have any other questions regarding skincare and what your experiences with jade rolling are! I would love to hear all about it! 


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