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Coola Sunless Tan Review

Coola Sunless Tan Review

By this point, in the year 2018, we know all about the damage the sun can do to your skin. Don't even mention tanning beds! Sunless tanning has become the latest trend to keep us looking like bronzed and sun-kissed goddesses year round.

If you are like me...you just need a way to keep your body from looking like a ghost compared to your chest and arms. Literally, I get so pale that one time, I had a hole in my leggings...my friend thought it was a white fuzz but really...i was just my REALLY white butt...

Coola Sunless Tanning

I received these products in the beginning of summer and have been using them ever since! I have a few months of using them under my belt so I feel like by this point, I know how to use them most effectively and whether or not they are worth it.

Organic Sunless Tan Sculpting Mousse - $46 and is sold on their website and Ulta

I definitely believe that this is worth it. It creates a really nice even tan. It gives you a golden bronze glow that doesn't get patchy. You know how you aren't supposed to put clothes on for a while? yeah, I can't be walking around my house naked! So I always put a really really loose black t-shirt dress on and it never leaves lines or anything. The only time I ever noticed it get kind of orange was around my ankles. If I wasn't careful when I was putting on a second coat the next day, it would get funky there but never around my knees or elbows. I would apply this all over my body using a mitt I purchased off Amazon and just rubbed it into my skin. The mousse goes on clear so you do need to pay attention to where you already applied the product.

Organic Sunless Tan Anti-Aging Face Serum - $54 and is sold on their website, Ulta and Sephora

This is the bestseller from this collection. If you are really take tare of your skin, then you are definitely using SPF daily and doing everything you can to keep your face from being damaged by the sun. This does make for your face being a different color for the rest of your body...that's where this comes in! I applied one pump every night as part of my skin care routine. I have mixed it in with moisturizer and put it on by itself, either way, I didn't think it changed the overall effect. The thing is keep in mind is that this is EXTREMELY gradual. If you are wanting to be tan for a beach day, you would need to start applying this 7-10 days before hand. You don't want to overdo it or use more than one or two pumps because (unless you are extremely lucky and have a perfectly even complexion) it could settle into more dry areas and cause dark patches. I did not see any amazing results in regards to the anti-aging properties, but I did see a natural looking tan form on my face which NEVER happens. 

Sport Face SPF 50 White Tea Organic Sunscreen Lotion - $32 - is sold on their website and Ulta

I have used a lot of facial sunscreens because of work and I mean A LOT. I am going to cut right to the chase here...is it a great sunscreen? yes. did it leave a white cast on my skin? no. did it look ok under makeup? not really. is it worth $32? no. If you are someone who is looking to splurge on a face sunscreen then yes I think it is worth it. But if you are trying to find places to pinch some pennies, I think the Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer with SPF is still your best bet.

Overall, the brand is great and I will definitely continue to use the tanning mousse in the future! I am pretty sure if I went to the beach right now, my stomach would be whiter than the sand. I haven't used it in a couple weeks so if you would like to see some before and after pictures, just message me and then I can make a follow up post.

Remember kids, hydrate and wear SPF! This is the only skin you've got.


These products were complimentary but the opinions are my own :)

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