"It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to." -Bilbo Baggins

the personal bag

the personal bag

Although the rest of my packing skills may be extremely mediocre, the one thing that I have finally mastered is the art of packing my personal bag. While this upcoming trip changes a lot of what is packed in my carry-on, my personal under-the-seat bag items remain the same.

First, we start with the personal bag itself. You won't be able to carry all your in-flight necessities if you don't have one! One of my most used Christmas presents from this year is my Kate Spade Personal Bag. This bag is a square in shape and opens all the way around. It is big enough to keep all the things that I need during the flight, without all the extra space to overpack with unnecessary items. It also slides perfectly over the handle of my carry-on, making it easy to maneuver through the airport.

Then we move on to ways to keep yourself entertained. I always bring my iPad and Kindle (or latest book I'm reading). For this trip specifically, I will also be bringing my MacBook Air simply because I don't feel comfortable checking it or leaving it in overhead storage. A great way to pass the time on a plane is by watching movies. When I buy DVD's I look for ones that come with the digital download code, so I can easily download it to my iPad and watch it there. As a former member of the Disney Movie Club, several of the movies came with the download code so I didn't have to pay any extra! Of course, in order to watch these movies (and listen to music), headphones are a must. I usually just use my earbuds, but the dream headphones I would love to get someday are the Bose QuietComfort Noise Canceling Headphones.

One of the most difficult things to do on a plane is to get comfortable. You can bring a neck pillow, but what I usually do (so that I can save space in my suitcase) is wear a big thick scarf. A big scarf can double as a pillow or a blanket depending on whatever you may need in that moment.

It's also nice to pass the time by taking a bit of a snooze. To avoid the bright sun or the lights from the person sitting next you, an eye mask is a big help. When it comes to these, I suggest going with functionality over fashion. As much as I love having cute things, I also want them to do their job. I chose to go with a standard black eye mask that did its job and blocked out all the light. Hopefully after some more time, I will be able to find a good combination of function and fashion in an eye mask. Compression socks are great for long flights to help keep the blood moving in your legs. You are able to find quite the variety on Amazon, which is where I got mine!

My skin tends to get extremely dry on planes. To avoid that uncomfortable, borderline-cracking feeling, I bring chapstick, travel-sized lotion, and Breath of Fresh Air Spray from LUSH Cosmetics. It is a soothing seawater spray that not only smells refreshing, but helps keep your skin hydrated.

Another way to keep yourself from feeling gross is having body wipes on hand. You can give yourself a quick swipe on the back of the neck and underarms to keep feeling clean.  A travel-sized mouthwash is nice to keep with you (the person sitting next to you will appreciate it too.) and sanitizer, tissues, and Lysol wipes help keep your area clean and germ free. You never know who was sitting in that seat before you were.

In my opinion, some of the most "essential" items to bring are essential oils. When consistently changing altitudes and climates, I get terrible headaches and nausea which makes me feel overall uneasy and anxious. The two oils that always work for me are peppermint (for headaches and nausea) and doTERRA's Balance (a grounding blend to promote tranquility and relaxation). I keep the peppermint oil in beadlet form so that it is easy to consume and the smell does not becoming overwhelming for those around me.

Once it's time to get off the airplane, that's when all those samples from Sephora come in handy. Being able to put on some powder, a little mascara, and some lipstick will help you look awake and ready to take on the airport waiting for you on the other side of the plane.

Looking better CAN make you feel better.

When you get off that plane feeling clean, rested, and beautiful, you are off to a great start on your new adventure!


Items in List Form with what I am currently using:

  1. Personal Bag: Kate Spade Personal Travel Bag
  2. Electronics: MacBook Air, iPad Air 2, Kindle Paperwhite
  3. Headphones: Apple Earbuds
  4. Eye mask: Restoration Lightweight & Comfortable Contoured Sleep Mask 
  5. Compression Socks: The Spot Socks by Sockwell
  6. Chapstick: Vaseline Lip Therapy
  7. Lotion: Aveeno Stress Relief Moisturizing Lotion
  8. Hydrating Spray: Breath of Fresh Air by LUSH
  9. Mouthwash: Listerine Total Care
  10. Hand Sanitizer: PocketBac Hand Gel Bath and Body Works
  11. Essential Oils: doTERRA Peppermint and Balance
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